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About GSC

Educational mission

Global Study Centre is a Japanese language studies department for international students who wish to enter universities or graduate schools in Japan. It aims to improve language skills to understand university lectures. In addition, the study includes learning Japanese culture, society and IT skills for the intercultural understanding. All of these are based on the educational mission of raising internationally-minded personnel.

Why choose GSC

As GCS is a part of Tokyo Management Collage, you will have the following privilege;


  1. You can use college facilities such as a library and a canteen.
  2. Your class is small-sized and you will have one to one tutoring for your future pathway.
  3. You have advantages to enter the TMC Business department or the other sister colleges.
  4. You have many Japanese peers on campus and lots of opportunities to communicate with them.
  5. The lecturers are highly qualified as they belong to the tertiary institution.
  6. You will have class where professionals or writers on language textbooks or JLPT.
  7. We introduce ICT teaching system supported by experienced professionals.
  8. The staff members who used to live in European and Asian countries support your life.
Soshi Educational Group for international students

Programme and Curriculum

We offer two programmes that you can choose from. One is for those who wish to get a high score of EJU (an exam for Japanese university admission). The other is for beginners. Each lesson is designed on learners’ abilities and goals. There are plenty of activities in order to build teamwork and experience Japanese culture.

Our campus

  • Lounge

  • Computer room

  • Powder room

  • Main-arena

  • Library

  • Student hall

  • School cafeteria

  • Sub-Arena

  • Liberty Square

  • Fitness room

  • Lecture room

  • AV room

Academic schedule

  • April

    Orientation for the April commencement

    Foundation day

    Photo contests

  • May

    Welcome party

    Sports festival

    Takoyaki party

  • Jun

    Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

  • July

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test


    Japanese Star festival

  • August

    First semester examination

    Seminars for international students

    Summer holidays

    Summer festival and Yukata

  • September

    2-day training for a speech contest

    Field trip to a museum

  • October

    Second semester

    Orientation for the October commencement

  • November

    The commencement ceremony, welcome party

    Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

    Winter holidays

  • December

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    Christmas party

    Winter holidays


  • January

    New Year Visit

    2-days training

  • february

    Second semester examination

    Tokyo Disney resort

  • March

    Graduation ceremony and farewell party

Faculty Members

Yutaka KUNII Ph.D.

Director of Global Study Center

He undertook his undergraduate studies as well as master’s degree at the Shiga university. He completed his Bachelor and Master of Education in Japan followed by his Doctor of Seoul National University in Korea. He started his career as a full time lecturer at Taegu Technical University, Associate Professor at Cyber Hankuk University Of Foreign Studies, manager of Japanese language school and English school. His teaching is based on these intercultural experience. Publication: 6 books; 23 academic papers



Principal Lecturer

Students become independent in their intercultural life experience. Your effort will pay off. Our role is to encourage and support you. Let’s make your dreams come true altogether.



Application Requirements

Those who satisfy all of the following are eligible to apply.  Applicants must submit all forms and documents required for application.

1) Those who are 18 years of age or older when they start their study at GSC-TMC. (Application must be made within 5 years from their graduation from the last educational institutions they attended)

2) Those who have completed, or are expected to complete, 12 years of formal school education, including those who are approved by GSC-TMC as equivalent

3) Those who have the Japanese language proficiency of N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or Level F of J.TEST, or better.  Otherwise, those who have studied Japanese for more than 180 hours.

4) Those whose residence status would be ‘College Student’.

5) Those who have no criminal record in Japan or other countries. (e.g. illegal resident, larceny)

6) Those who are motivated to pursue their continued study or research.

7) Those who can financially manage their tuition and living expenses from the time of their admission through graduation, or have a supporting family member who can bear the financial responsibility.

Number of New Students to Be Admitted

100 students (in total for April and October Admissions)

Application Procedures

1) Application closing dates

December 31st, 2021 for the April Admission

June 30th, 2022 for the October Admission (2022)

※If the closing date is Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, application closes on the preceding weekday.


2) Application Documents  → See Page 4, No. 5.


3) Application Fee and Payment Method

(1) Application Fee: JPY30,000

(2) Payment Method: Money Transfer

Screening Criteria

Applications will be screened through evaluation of submitted documents, an aptitude test, and an interview.

1) Submitted documents (see below *)

2) Aptitude test: General academic skills and Japanese language skills

3) Interview: Conducted in Japanese and English (or applicants’ mother tongue) to assess motivation and communication skills

* Applicants are required to submit certified copies of school reports, Japanese Language Proficiency Test, J.TEST and other documents.

Applicants who reside outside of Japan

The Global Study Center of Tokyo Management College

625-1 Futamata, Ichikawa City, Chiba 272-0001, Japan

Tel: +47-328-6161

Fax: +47-328-6163


School Expenses

For the April Admission (one year course)

Entrance Fee Tuition Fee Facility Fee other expenses Total
1st Year 90,000 yen 600,000 yen 50,000 yen 90,000 yen 830,000 yen


For the October Admission (one year and six months course)

Entrance Fee Tuition Fee Facility Fee other expenses Total
1st Year 90,000 yen 600,000 yen 50,000 yen 90,000 yen 830,000 yen
2nd Year 300,000 yen 25,000 yen 45,000 yen 370,000 yen


* All applicants have to pay all fees and expenses for the 1st year by the due date.

* Second year students are required to pay all expenses by 31 August of the same year.

* Fees and expenses for optional courses will be separately payable by the enrolled students.

* If the Japanese embassy or consulate does not issue a visa after you receive a certification of eligibility, we will refund fees we received excluding entrance fees and handling surcharges for the refund, upon confirmation of the details.

Admissions Guide and the Application Form


【Admissions Guide】

English     TMC-GSC2023募集要項(English)

Vietnamese TMC-GSC2023募集要項(Vietnam)

Chinese        TMC-GSC2023募集要項(Chinese)

Korean   TMC-GSC2023募集要項(Korea)

Japanese      TMC-GSC2023募集要項(Japanese)



【Application Form】



〇 The international students organization, TMC ‘KIZUNA’ (Scholarship)

Click here to the Download page

Application Guide

日   本   語 Application-Guide-2022春Scholaship-Jp

英    語    Application-Guide-2022春Scholarship-En





※You may send us e-mails in Japanese, English.

Contact us

The Global Study Center of Tokyo Management College
625-1 Futamata, Ichikawa City, Chiba 272-0001, Japan
Tel: +47-328-6161
Fax: +47-328-6163
E-mail:   (TMC ‘KIZUNA’ )


  • 29 minutes from Tokyo station

  • 12 min. walk from Nishifunabashi Sta.

  • School bus is available for free.